The Landscape Gallery expresses my love for nature in all its magnitude and detail. I have been addicted to nature photography ever since my first visit to Yosemite Valley in the 1960’s. My themes vary depending on the time of day, time of year and then are illuminated by the ever changing moods of nature. These images are from locales as close as Wyoming to as far off as Western Australia and up north to Alaska and down to the tip of South America. To me the beauty of the wilderness is vast and inviting and never ceases to amaze. Protecting our fragile environment for future generations should be the our foremost priority.

“The supreme reality of our time is….the vulnerability of our planet.”
– John F. Kennedy, speech, 1963

Natural World

Shooting the natural world has been an on-going interest of mine since I was young. It involves seeing nature from a different or “abstract” perspective. Most people will see a landscape and marvel at the overall beauty of it. I am blessed with being able to see nature from another angle because of my photographic eye and I love to dwell within the details. Whether it is a composition found in a cracking layer of ice in Wyoming at winter or the reflection of the rocks in the water in Utah at spring, there seems to be something that attracts my eye.