Fine Art

Since the early 1980s I have produced many series of photographic works which cover different genres. “Elements”  is my most recent series and is described below. The other work displayed below represents hand-painted (tinted) photos and a series entitled “Pueblos” done in New Mexico. My early graphic work entitled “Postergraphics”  is a series of peeling posters from Hollywood and Mexico. I have also included some examples of Abstract Nature in the form of “Reflections”  and  “Water”  images. 


Elements is an on-going series that was started in 2009 while in Australia. It is comprised of three or four images that represent the basic “elements” of composition. They entail foreground middle ground and background. I take the basic elements out of each scene and the final appears similar to a triptych.

Handpainted Images

Handpainting has been around within the art world for a century or more. The technique first came into popularity for portraits in the late 1800s. At that time only black and white images were available so photographers used this method to add color to their portraits. It is a method of applying oil paint to a black and white image. I have used it primarily for my Pueblo series of the New Mexico area.

Poster Graphics

The Postergraphic series was produced in the 1980s. I first started it in Mexico and then added to it in and around Los Angeles and Hollywood. Here in Los Angeles billboards are displayed for many events and advertisement purposes. When the signs get wet sometimes the peeling paper looks like collage. The more abstract the final image becomes the more I like it.

Sunset Blvd.

Sunset Boulevard was shot in the 1970s at a time when I was using 4×5 cameras. It was an exercise in documentary photography for the purpose of capturing some of the variety of cultures that create the melting pot that is Los Angeles. Antique shops juxtaposed with tattoo parlors, termite extermination,  and animal feed stores all melded into making Sunset Boulevard a photographers paradise.